The following guidance is an overview of thedocyard's data room and Q&A module. Review files in the data room, ask questions and manage your team's Q&A via the dedicated tab.

The Data Room Tab

Prior to inviting external parties to the data room, the deal room's administrators will create the data room, set up the folder structure and upload files.

Teams that are invited to undertake due diligence on those files will then be given access to the data room and the Question & Answer tracker.

The Deal Dashboard

The deal room administrators will tailor your team's view by setting permissions. The platform modules may include checklist tabs (project and task management), document tabs (file sharing and collaboration), and the data room and Q&A tab.

To open, click on the tab:

Once in the data room, invited teams will see the folders and files that they have been given access to.

Below is an example of a typical folder structure. Click to select a folder and view sub-folders. Continue to navigate to the files, which become visible in the right-hand window.

To open a file in the online viewer, click on the file name or select from the menu.

The example below shows the file menu available to the deal room's administrators. Invited teams may only see the View Document option, Ask a Question, or Download if this permission has been set (a team with download permission may also bulk export files).

If a Questions and Answers tab has been created, the Ask Question option will appear in the file's menu (highlighted above).

If the option is not available, ask the deal room administrators to reach out to the Help Desk for guidance.

Select Ask Question from the menu. Select a topic and priority, complete the question window. Once posted, the question will appear in the Q&A tracker. As a draft the question (or answer) is visible only to your team. Once published, the other side is notified and is visible in their Q&A.

Your team's questions will appear in both the data room and in the Q&A tab, including a reference link back to this specific document.

The Q&A Tab

The Room Administrator or Q&A Manager will review your question and post an answer in the Q&A Tab.

Click on the Q&A tab to open. The Q&A tab enables you to view all of your team's Q&A. Click on the Search Icon to reveal the filters.

Select questions to export. The Export option in the Q&A tab is a collaboration tool - enabling teams to export questions that have been asked of their team not by their team.

If you need to extract your own team's questions, use the Bulk Export option - see the 'cog' icon in the right-hand corner of your screen.

Note: It is possible to ask a question directly (without reference to a document), simply by opening the Q&A tab and clicking "Ask A Question" (top right-hand corner of the Q&A screen).

View the index of all data room files (limited by your team's permission sets). Save a .pdf copy from this view.

Use the Reports option (available in the left-hand navigation panel) to extract a data room index in Excel or Word.

Download and Bulk Export

If your team has been given download permission, the option to download will appear in the file's menu. Download permission activates the Bulk Export.

To download one file at a time, click on the three dots to the right of the file in the data room and select Download (this option will not be visible if your team has not been given download permission).

To Bulk Export files, click on the Deal Room Settings Icon in the right-hand corner of the deal room, as shown here.

In the Bulk Export view, select the Data Room tab and select any folders that are to be included in the export. A link to download the export will be delivered to your email address.

The bulk export will deliver content that teams have been given permission to download.

Teams can export their entire Q&A using the same function.

Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to ask the Help Desk. Email us directly at [email protected]

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