This article is aimed at Room Owner's and is a guidance on how to copy, or move, files between data room tabs.

Copying a data room tab

  • Note, users can only copy, or move, files between like for like tabs, for example, a document tab cannot be copied and recreated as a data room tab.

  • When moving documents from one data room tab to another data room, check the team permissions on the new data room tab before moving documents.

  • If you want to replicate the folder structure on both data room tabs, the new data room can be created from a template of the existing data tab. Creating and deploying tab templates

  • When the new data room tab has been created, check team permissions and access so that documents are not moved into a live data room and users can have access to documents that they shouldn't have access to. Deal Room Permissions - setting team access to tabs, folders & files

  • Navigate to the data room tab, to copy from in the deal room, and open the folder where the documents are saved that are to be moved or copied to the new data room tab.

  • Select the relevant files by checking the box next to the file name.

  • When the document(s) to be moved, or copied, are selected the 'Move/Copy' button in the menu ribbon becomes activated.

  • Select 'Move/Copy' and then select the destination data room tab and folder for the document to be moved, or copied to.

  • Note, you can move/copy documents within a data room tab as well as to a new data room tab.

  • Select move or copy, depending on the action you want to take with the document. Move from the one data room completely, or copy to the new data room.

  • Select 'Move Documents' or 'Copy Documents'.

  • The document will then be moved, or copied, across to the required folder in the new data room.

  • Note, if move is selected the document will no longer be available in the data room it was copied from.

  • Documents can be moved/copied one by one, or in bulk by selecting more than document at a time.

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