This article covers the search function to search text within documents in data room style tabs.

Please note that this function is enabled on a room by room basis so please contact [email protected] to have this function turned on for the relevant deal spaces where it is needed.

  • The search function appears on the top right hand of the deal space window above the workflow tabs.

  • Click into the search box to open the pop up search window.

  • Enter the text to search on.

  • This will return a list of documents, across any data room, where that text appears, as well as similar text.

  • The search is performed across the following file types:

  • The search returns a list and is sorted in order of relevance.

  • The document can be clicked on and opened in the online document viewer.

  • Close the document to return to the search window.

If you have any further questions, please email our Help Desk: [email protected]

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