Administrators can allocate team members to a specific team role. In addition, Administrator's can delegate 'User Permissions' to teams that enable them to undertake specific tasks across the deal room.

What is a Team Role?

When a team is created by an Administrator, the first invitee to that team automatically inherits the 'team administrator role'.

The team administrator is empowered to move team members between roles by dragging and dropping (see "Can I change a team member's role?")

Each team can have one or many members with the same or different roles.

The four team roles are:


Every team with one or more member must have at least one Administrator. The Administrator is the team's Power User, able to do all team-level tasks.


The publishing role enables a team member to create, approve and publish the team's content.


The team's Drafter can create new content that is visible only to the team. This role enables content to be created and reviewed before becoming visible to other teams in the deal space.


A team member with Read Only access can only view what the team has been given access to.

This is a role that may be suitable for a client, for example, who requires oversight but is not participating in the day-to-day management of the deal.

What is a User Permission?

With thedocyard's advanced team management functionality, management 'user permissions' can be delegated by the Room's administrator to specific teams.

The team's administrator can then assign those permissions to their own team members by clicking the appropriate icon. These permissions are limited to the role that the team member occupies.

Active permissions are identified along the bottom of the team member's tile, as shown below:

An active icon indicates that the team member has been allocated with the permission to:

Manage Deal Room Settings

This permission enables the user to change the deal room settings - to create and delete new tabs and access the Edit Deal Room menu option. This permission is restricted to the team's permission settings: they cannot affect tabs that their team has not been given access to (denied tabs remain invisible).

Manage Q&A

Activating Manage Q&A allows members access to the entire Q&A, limited by their role within that team (a team member whose role is Drafter, for example, can draft a response to a question but cannot publish).

Manage Teams

This permission enables the team member to manage teams across the deal room: create, edit and delete teams, invite and remove users.

Manage Content in Data Room/Document tabs

With this permission, a team member can manage documents within Document tabs and Data Rooms. They are able to upload and delete files; create, edit and delete folders, and set permissions at folder and file level.

Manage Content in Checklists

The Manage Checklist permission enables a team member to create, edit and delete tasks, create task tables and attach files.

By activating all of the Permission sets, the Room Owner is effectively delegating the administration of the room to that user and their team.

How to change a team member's role

Team administrators have control of their own team structure. It is not assumed on the part of the platform that the Room Owner's will know how an external party needs to organise themselves, so only a user in the role of team administrator can move their own team between roles.

Team administrators move their team members around through simple drag and drop:

The Team Administrator can delegate management functions

If a user permission has been activated by the Room's administrators to an administrator of an external team, that member can selectively activate that same user permission for their own team members. The extent of this permission is limited by the roles that team members occupy.

For example, an administrator for team "ABC Legal" has been given the permission to Manage Q&A and so can delegate this permission to other members of their own team by clicking on the "?" icon for their team members. If that member is in the Role of Drafter, it will enable them to see all the Q&A but any questions or answers will remain in draft until published by an Administrator.

Deleting a team member from a deal room

An Administrator of the Room Owner's team, or a member in a team that has been delegated with Manage Teams permission, can delete another member by selecting the Bin icon next to their name.

Can someone be a member of more than one team in a deal room?

No. A registered user (identified by the email address that they used to register for the platform) can only be a member of one team at a time in a deal room.

Do you have any questions or issues with team management? Don't hesitate to ask! Click here to contact the Help Desk.

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