The following is an introduction to setting up teams and adding members to existing teams.

With the introduction of Roles and Permissions to the team management functionality, Administrators are able to delegate the management of teams across the deal room, to other teams.

Note: There are a number of important concepts to understand when creating new teams and inviting members to that team that are detailed in the article Understanding Team Roles and User Permissions.

Team Management

To create new teams or to add a member to an existing team, click the Team Management icon, from the navigation panel.

Add a New Team

Click the Add a New Team icon to open the Add a New Team view.

Give the new team a name and a brief description. Note: The text in the Description field is included in the invitations to the team members so it is sometimes worth including a brief description of the team, e.g. "legal advisors to.." This is an optional field.

The background colour in the example below indicates that this team is still in Draft. To publish a draft team, click the "D" symbol on the top right-hand corner of the team's header. (If you are a user in the Drafter role, you must request a team member who is a publisher or an Administrator to publish the team.)

Invite Team Members

Select the team that the members will be invited to, then click the Add New Member icon:

Type the email address for each new member. Allocate the new team member a Role from the drop-down list.

If you leave the "Invite team members immediately" unchecked the invitations can be published without being sent.

Team Management FAQs

Can a user be in more than one team?

No. Duplication of team members is not allowed.

How do I move a user from one team to another?

If you need to move a member from one team to another, delete them from the first team and then re-invite them to the new team.

The re-invited member will already be registered and so they will see this invitation appear immediately in their Global Dashboard.

If the user is already in a deal dashboard, the invitation will appear as an active window:

On their Global Dashboard, it will appear as a Deal Tile:

Can I send a single invitation and leave other team members uninvited?

Yes. Just click on the envelope icon for the specific user and only that invitation will be issued.

Can I send out all unsent team invitation in one go?

Yes, all pending invitations can be sent at the same time by clicking the Manage Team icon and selecting Invite Team as shown below.

How do I check the status of team invitations?

Check the status of individual team member's invitations by opening the team view. The team member's invitation may be:

  • Invitation in draft

  • Invitation published but not sent

  • Invitation sent but not yet accepted

How do I know when a member has accepted their invitation?

When a member accepts their invitation, the email address on their team tile turns from red (as shown above) to grey.

Room Administrators can use the Audit Trail filters to see the date that members joined your deal space. Click on the Audit Trail icon in the navigation panel:

Select the Search Tab icon to reveal the filters:

Use the drop-down list to Filter by Type: Member joined, and click Search to execute

Administrators can export this selected list as a CSV or PDF file.

I'm a Room Administrator, why can't I move the members of invited teams into a different role?

By default, the first member invited to a team becomes the Team's administrator. This is because the system requires that there be at least one Administrator for every team.

There can be more than one Team Administrator. It is best practice to invite those users who are going to be the most active participants in the deal space.

Why are my invitations not being received?

It's possible that your invitations are still in draft or have not yet been sent. First check the status of the invitations.

Check to make sure that there are no typos in your invitation by looking at the invitation tile.

Verify with your invited members that the invitation has been issued to the correct email address.

For further assistance, click on the support menu and select an option from the Team Management list.

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