This article is for administrators of room owner's teams, or users who have been given the manage team power and explains how to publish a team if a team has been added in draft.

Adding a new team in draft mode

  • Navigate to Team Management on the left hand menu and select to open Team Management.

  • Select Add New Team.

  • Enter the team name and select 'Save as draft'.

  • This adds the team in draft mode and this is shown by the colour of the team heading being in beige and a 'D' within the Team name header to denote that the team is in draft.

  • Team members added to a team in draft mode will be added as draft by default.

  • When adding a team member to a draft team, users can select the check box to invite the team members immediately but the invite will only be sent once the team is published.

  • Once added, the team member is also highlighted in beige to denote draft.

Publishing a team from team management

Once a team has been created in draft and reviewed, that team can be published and invites issued to the team members.

  • Within team management, identify the team that is in draft and needs publishing and click on the 'D' in the header of the team name.

  • Select 'ok' to confirm the publishing of the team.

  • This changes the view of the team, the header bar turns blue and the 'D' for draft is no longer visible.

  • Any team members within the team are published as well and invites issued, if the check box to invite them immediately was checked when the team member was added.

Publishing a team from Items to Publish

  • Navigate to Items to Publish from the left hand menu and select to open.

  • Note, this only publishes the team and not the team members. To publish the team members, go back into Items to publish and select Team Member.

  • Check the box next to the team member(s) name and then click on bulk actions to publish the team member.

  • This will issue the invite to the team member, if the box was checked to issue the invite immediately when the team members was added.

  • Team members can be sent invites from team management as well, individually or to the whole team at once.

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