Only the Room Owner (that is the user who created the room in the first place), has the "Close Deal" option in their Deal Room Settings menu.

If the original room owner is not available to facilitate the closure, please contact: [email protected]

Preparing to close a deal space

Congratulations! You've finalised the deal and everything has been wound down. It's time now to move on to the next project.

The process for closing a deal room on thedocyard is very straightforward:

(1) lock the data room and Q&A tabs (optional)

(2) Export your data*

Please send a Notice of Intent to Close to [email protected]

(3) Delete the Room

(4) Finalise your account

* Before using the Close Deal option, make sure that the .zip file arrives in good order and that files can be extracted.

1. Lock the Data Room and Q&A

Please note: Locking the data room and Q&A tabs is optional but once locked, cannot be reversed.

It may be that the deal is finalised but teams still need access to the tab.

It is possible to lock both the data room and Q&A tabs to ensure that no further changes can be made to the data room, or further Questions asked.

To lock a data room:

  1. Right-click on the data room tab

  2. Select Edit

  3. Toggle the "Unlocked" switch (highlighted below) to Locked

  4. Click Update to save changes

A Certificate of Closure will be emailed to all active participants confirming that the Data Room has been locked.

Use the same process to the lock the Q&A tab:

  1. Right-click on the Q&A tab

  2. Select Edit

  3. Toggle the "Unlocked" switch (highlighted below) to Locked

  4. Click Update to save changes.

2. Build a Deal Book / Bulk Export contents

The Build Deal Book option enables Room Owners to selectively export contents and is commonly used to create a .zip of contents to be shared with participating parties. A secure download link is emailed to the member requesting the export. The download link will expire in 24-hours.

The Build a Deal Book option is located under the Reports icon on the left-hand control panel:

In addition, all parties have access to the Bulk Export feature, which allows a selective export of data (for invited parties, only where download permission has been granted), including your team's entire Q&A.

Bulk Export is available from the Deal Room Settings menu:

Note: If the bulk extract fails, it may be that one or more files exceed the 255 character limitation (a limitation of the Windows Operating System). This means that the path+file name exceeds 255 characters when the File/Folder Numbers are included (switch toggled to Yes, as shown below). If you're prevented from executing a bulk export, try toggling the File/Folder Numbers switch to No. If you continue to have an issue, please contact the Help Desk.

When the .zip file arrives, ensure that all the files can been extracted before proceeding to Delete Deal Room.

3. Delete Deal Room

  1. Select Close Deal from the Deal Room Settings menu.

  2. Select Delete Room

  3. Confirm the Reason for closing, using the drop-down list

  4. Type the Project Name into the "Enter Text" field

  5. Click Confirm

Deleting a Deal Room is final.

4. Finalising your account

Our terms are payment 30-days in advance for storage of, and access to, your data. We do not pro-rata for days or weeks.

We ask that you give us notice of your intention to close by contacting the Help Desk and we will arrange for billing to cease from the end of that period.

Please note that invoicing will recommence if the deal space has not been deleted when the next invoice is due.

We very much appreciate your assistance in clearing all outstanding invoices.

If you have any questions, please send an email via: [email protected]

Finally, thank you for your custom and for using thedocyard on your deal. We hope to continue being of service.

Kind regards from all of us,

thedocyard's Help Desk and Support Teams

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