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This article is aimed at the invited teams involved with a transaction and covers the key areas of the platform that they will need to access.

New user registration

  • The first step is to receive an invitation into a deal room.

  • This invitation is issued by the team that opens the transaction, and so owns and controls the deal room - the room owner.

  • The room owner will create the relevant teams and add the individuals to those teams - the individuals who will be participating in the transaction.

  • The invited individuals will receive an email notification of the invitation into the deal room.

  • If they are a first-time user, they will need to register on the platform first.

💡Tip: Make sure that the invited user is registering with the same email address that the room invitation has been sent to. The invitation is linked to the email address and if a different email address is used, or spelt incorrectly, the user will not be able to access the transaction.

  • When registering for the platform, the links in the email will guide the user through the process of registration and how to verify their details.

  • If already registered, then the user logs on with their previously created credentials and can accept the invitation to the new deal room transaction via the global dashboard.

For more detail on this process please see:

Accessing the deal workflow room

  • Once registered and logged in, the user will be taken to the global dashboard.

  • This is the first page that any user will see and contains a view of all the transactions that they are participating in.

  • Users can click on any one of these transaction tiles to be taken into the deal room itself:

  • After logging in the user is taken to the deal room dashboard:

  • This first page contains relevant information for the user and their team with regards to items that may need to be actioned, such as overdue tasks or unanswered questions.

Navigating the deal workflow

  • The invited user will have access to the relevant stages of the deal workflow, as determined by the room owner team at set up.

  • That team gives access and permissions to the invited teams for the relevant transaction tabs that they need to access.

Workflow tab types

  • Depending on your team’s permission set, you may see one or multiple tabs.

  • There are four main tab-types:


Task Management


Document storage & collaboration

Data room

Confidential document storage & due diligence

Questions & Answers

Q&A tracker linked to data room(s)

  • Within these tabs, the room owner team can set additional access permissions depending on what the invited team needs to be able do, for example, download or upload documents.

  • If an invited user is unable to download documents where they think that they should be able to, they need to contact the room owner to ensure the required permissions have been applied for their team.

Previewing and downloading documents

  • Teams can preview documents directly within the deal room and download them, if the appropriate download permissions have been given to that team.

  • To view a document within the transaction, navigate to the required tab. This is typically a data room tab.

  • Below is an example of a typical folder structure. Click to select a folder and view sub-folders. Continue to navigate to the files, which become visible in the right-hand window.

  • To open a file in the online viewer, click on the file name or select from the menu.

  • By clicking on the 3 dots to the right hand side of the file name, invited teams will see the options available to them for the file. This will be view and/or download.

  • If download has been enabled for an invited team, it is possible to bulk download documents from within a folder in the data room by selecting the files and then selecting download from the menu.

  • This downloads a zip file direct to the local drive.

  • Please note that permissions can be set to control the format that documents are downloaded in. This could be source format or downloaded as PDF only, with or without a watermark applied.

  • Guidance is provided to the room owners on how to set these permissions depending on the document type.

Question and answer

  • Once the Q&A has been enabled in the deal room, invited teams can ask questions on documents as part of the due diligence process.

  • Questions can be asked directly on documents within the data room.

  • Questions can be asked from within the Q&A tracker.

  • Please see this article for more guidance on how to ask a question.


  • Notifications sent from the deal workflow room are set by users based on their preferences.

  • In order to amend the notifications, click on the username in the top right of the screen and select 'My Profile':

  • Within this window, users can amend details against their profile, including setting email and notification preferences.

For any further support or assistance, please contact us at [email protected]

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