New Registered User - No Active Deals

Have you registered for the platform with no invitations waiting for you? Does your Dashboard look a bit like this?

The user has registered before receiving the invitation into the deal room.

  • In this instance, reach out to the deal room owner and ask them to send the room invitation.

  • The user will need to refresh their browser in order to see the invitation to the deal room come up in the dashboard.

The user has registered with a different email address.

  • The room invitation is linked to the email address of the user. If they register with a different email address, or the email has been spelt incorrectly within the invite, the user will not see the deal room within their dashboard.

  • The user has to register with the same email address that the invite has been sent to so either the user must re-register with the correct email address, or the room owner re-issues the invite to the email address that the user wants to use to access the deal.

  • If the email address has been spelt incorrectly, either within the invitation or when the user registered, it must be corrected within the team and the user re-invited again with the correct email address.

  • Or, the user re-registers with the correctly spelt email address.

New account holder - opening a new deal space

  • If you are a new account holder on the platform, then you can open a deal room following this guide:

For assistance on any of these, please contact [email protected]

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