Have you published the invitation?

The platform allows Administrators to populate teams and leave the invitations as draft before sending.

If a member is anticipating an invitation and reports that they have not received it yet, first make sure that the invitation is not still in draft, as shown below.

To send an invitation, click on the "D" and confirm that you want to publish.

The member's 'tile' will change colour from tan to white once it has been published but the email address line will be in RED text until it has been accepted, at which point the text turns to grey.

Note: If you ticked the check box "Invite team members immediately" when creating the invitation, the invitation will be sent as soon as it has been published.

Otherwise, the user's invitation will be published but still pending, as shown below:

You can see the difference between an invitation that has been sent and not sent by the arrow, highlighted below.

To send an individual invitation, click on the envelope for that member.

The invitation has been sent but not received

The most common reasons for an invitation not being received is because there's an error in the email address, or the user has registered using a different email.

  • check to make sure that there were no typing errors in the email address

  • check to make sure that the invitation has been sent to the same address as the user registered

If you discover an error, just click on the 'bin' icon (bottom right-hand corner of the member's tile), to delete the invitation. Create a new invitation and send to the correct email address.

If there is no error on the sender's side, then it is possible that:

  • the user made a mistake typing in their own email address when they registered (you'd be surprised how often this happens),


  • the invited member's email server has filtered the invitation email into their Spam or Junk folder.

If the user made a mistake with their registration, it will become obvious when they try to login and the system does not recognise them. In this case, please ask the user to re-register.

Finally, if you have verified that the email addresses for both the invitation and the registration are correct, it is most likely that the email has been directed to their Spam or Junk folder.

If the email is not there, ask the invited member to reach out to their IT department and to check their Email Server Logs, to see if the invitation email has blocked.

Make sure that email notifications from thedocyard have not been black-listed by your business's spam filtering as this may affect notifications.

Work around for email invitations not being received

Once a user has registered, they can go directly to app.thedocyard.co and login. It is not necessary to follow the links in the email.

If they have not yet registered, ask them to do so and make sure that the email address that they use for registering is the same as the one the invitation has been issued to.

Once they're on the platform, they can accept the invitation by navigating to their Global Dashboard and accepting the invitation from within the platform.

This will allow them to access the Deal Space and skip the fact that the invitation email being blocked.

If the issue was related to the email being blocked, please ask the invited member to contact their IT department and ask them to resolve the issue so that they can receive future notifications.

If you have any questions or the issue continues, please reach out to Help Desk by emailing: [email protected] so that we can investigate.

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