⚠️ Good to know: To add an internal member, under Manage, select the Sell-Side or Internal tab. The system will notify you that adding additional internal users will count towards your license count.

If you have any questions regarding your license allotment, please refer to your signed agreement.

1. Select Users > Admin Users


2. Select Add new account


3. Enter the mandatory User details

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Mobile Number

  • Email Address

4. Select preferred Account Rights

  • Publish - Full Admin Rights (Create Users and Boards, Create and Publish Binders)

  • Create Only - Create Binders (Cannot publish)

5. Username will be pre-filled with the user's email address.


If the username/email address is already taken - Username (Failed), please enter a different address.


6. Select "Save and close"

The new Board Administrator will receive a Welcome Email with their login instructions.

7. You'll be notified via email when your new admin has registered their account and it's ready to be finalized.

8. A task will appear on the home dashboard. Click the "Finalise" button to finalize the user account.


Your new admin will be notified via email when the process is complete and they can log in.

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