If you are on a data/MB pricing contract you will be given the option to select which data subscription you require. Once the subscription is selected and contract is signed, you are unable to change until the end of the contracted period.

Once the dataroom reaches the peak data of your subscription, you will be charged for additional data pack/s so ensure you select the correct data size to suit you and your customers’ requirements.

⚠️ If you are charged for additional data packs and remove the data from the room at a later date, a credit will not be provided. A later date could be anywhere from 1 day to 1 year plus.

The room size can be checked at any stage by Administrators or Viewers via the Usage for Billing report.

As the contract comes towards the end of the contracted period, auto reminders are sent to the billing contact to advise of renewal. Once you receive these reminders you have the following options:

1. Auto renew on the same contracted term

2. Change to a new contracted term prior to renewal date

3. If the dataroom is no longer required, you have the option to disable the room

If you request for a new contracted term or closure of dataroom after the renewal date, the renewable invoice is payable.

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