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Board - Add a user to a Previous Meeting Binder

How to add a user to a meeting binder from the Previous tab

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Once a Current binder is moved to Previous the agenda and content cannot be edited, you can however add a user to the binder to view it.

1. Select the Board or Committee the meeting is for

2. Select Binders > Manage

3. Select the Previous tab

4. Hover over the binder and select Edit:

5. Under Meeting Attendees and Recipients, select Add Attendee/Recipient

6. Select Add for the user from the list

7. Confirm if the user attended the meeting

If the user attended the meeting, they will be added as an Attendee as per the company record.

If the user was not an original attendee of the meeting, they will be added as a Recipient and will not appear on the attendee list.

For Recipient, if the user originally received the meeting documents, select Yes to add them to their Previous binders.

If the user did not originally receive the meeting documents, select No to make them available as an Archive.

8. Select Publish binder

9. Select the Archive tab to view any archived binders and the users they have been made available to

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