E-Commerce Contracts
Frequently asked questions about e-commerce contracts
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Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
You can change your data plan prior to subscription activating.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan after my subscription has

You can only upgrade or downgrade at the end of your contracted term.

What happens if I exceed my data plan?
You will be charged for additional data for the remainder of your contracted term. Your fees will automatically increase from the next billing period. You can view costs of overages on this link

How is the additional data calculated?
The additional data is captured at the peak usage for the billing period. Reducing the data in the room will not reduce the cost of the overage invoice.

Where can I view the data room size?
The dataroom size can be viewed in the Report section of the dataroom.
This online article will help how to view your dataroom size. Please see how HERE.

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