Accessing an Event List

  1. From the main menu, mouse hover over, or click, the Event menu, then click the Work with Event records 1 option.

  2. The Event Type List is displayed. Use the Column Headers 1 to Filter, search and navigate the Event List. To show the closed and archived Event records, Select and Un-select the Show Closed and Show Archived 2 options (these records, if they exist, will display into the Event List as soon as an option is chosen).

Add a new Note on List

  1. Click the Add Note icon on the Event record in the Event List.

  2. Enter the Note text in the edit area 1, and click the Save 2 icon to save this note. (Or, click the Cancel 3 icon to stop adding the Note.)

  3. The Note is added to the Notes list. Open the Event record to view the Notes list on the Notes tab.

Add a new Attachment on List

  1. Click the Add Attachment icon on the Event record in the Event List.

  2. The Add Attachment window displays. click the Browse 1 button and select your Attachment, or directly drop Attachment in the Drop files 2 field. (Or, click the Cancel 3icon to stop adding the Attachment.)

  3. After a few moments, the Attachment will load from this field into the Attachments list in a sequence shown above. Open the record to view the Attachment list on the Attachment tab.C

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