Editing an Event

  1. Access an Event list.

  2. Click on an Event record in the list to open The ‘Event’ page. Click the Details tab, Custom Fields tab, Form Fields tab, Other Information tab, and or the Security tab. Update the field values on each of these tabs 1 as required.

  3. Hover over, or click the Menu Options icon, then click the Save 1 option.
    Note You will be required to updated the mandatory fields (including Category, Sub Category and Cause) the first time the Event is Saved. If the Save option does not displayed, you do not have security access to update the values on this Event record. The Save action applies fields on the Details, Custom Fields, Form Fields, Other Information and Security tabs.

  4. Notes, Tasks and Attachments can be viewed, added, updated, and saved on each of those tabs independently of this Save function.

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