Archive Event Records

This function provides a further filtering of Closed records, from the Event List. The records remain Closed, but will not display in the Event List unless specifically selected to show (see item 4 on The 'Event List page).

  1. From the main menu, mouse hover over, or click, the Events menu, then click the Archive Event records 1 option.

  2. The Archive Event page is displayed. Select the Event Type 1 of records to be Archived. Select the Date range From 2 and To 3. Click the Show Records 4 icon.

  3. Records matching your selection criteria will display. Either, select All 1 records, or individual records 2 to be Archived.

  4. Click, or hover over the Menu (hamburger) icon, click, the Archive selected records 1option.

  5. A count of the number of records Archived will displayed, and all Archived records no longer display in the list. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 to Archive more records for the different Events Types.

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