What is a Register?

A Register is place to store of any type of information, that is not an Event; for example the receiving of a Gift is ideal for recording in the Register. Once an entry is recorded in a Register, if required, tasks can be scheduled to be actioned. The Register can used to generate reports for the organisation.

As many different Registers as your organisation requires can be configured in TriLine GRC. Each Register is identified by a different Register Type.

Types of Registers you might consider creating:

  • Gifts and Hospitality

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Delegations of Authority

  • Fit and Proper

  • Travel Authorisation

How do I record entries into a Register?

TriLine GRC Users and Non-TriLine GRC users can record entries into a Register using the Registers Portal.

TriLine GRC Users can also can record entries into a Register using TriLine GRC Registers Menu. The Registers Menu is available for all users in TriLine.

Non-TriLine GRC users must have access to the organisation’s network to record entries into a Register using the Registers Portal. To use the Registers Portal, your Administrator must provide you with:

  • the Internet address of your organisation’s Portal, and

  • the Portal access password (if this is configured to be used).

What happens after I record an entry into a Register?

Depending on that Register Type’s configuration, TriLine GRC may notify all Position’s known as this Type of Register Owners. One of these Owners will be assigned to Manage your Register entry.

The Managing position uses TriLine GRC to:

  • Link any related Records relevant to your Register entry,

  • Assign Tasks relevant to your the Register entry, and

  • Take action to move things along if TriLine GRC notifies that Tasks haven’t been completed within the required time.

Register recording and management process

Here is a diagram showing the process for recording and managing a Register entry.

Register reporting and management process

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