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Prescribed Responsibility - Delete and Undelete a record
Prescribed Responsibility - Delete and Undelete a record
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Note: Only Administrators and Administrators - Accountability can delete a Prescribed Responsibility record.

Delete a Prescribed Responsibility record

Deleting a Prescribed Responsibility is NOT recommended if you wish to retain the content of this record.

  1. Access the Prescribed Responsibility records list.

  2. Click on a Prescribed Responsibility record in the list to open the The ‘Prescribed Responsibility’ page. Hover over, or click, the Menu Options icon and then click the Delete 1 option.

  3. A ‘Confirm Delete’ dialog is displayed. Click Yes to delete the Prescribed Responsibility, or click No to cancel.

Undelete a Prescribed Responsibility record

The Prescribed Responsibility record is not deleted immediately when you click delete, but rather it’s status is changed to ‘To Be Deleted’ for a limited time determined by your configuration settings. Hence the record can still be view and the record can also be recovered/undeleted, from this ‘To Be Deleted’ status.

The Record will be permanently deleted on its scheduled date by the overnight Monitor and cannot be recovered/undeleted after this time.

The days delay until the deletion of a record is configured by the Administrator on the General Configuration tab. For example, this setting is 31 days:

The 'Delete Record Days' setting

To Undelete a Prescribed Responsibility record:

  1. Access the Prescribed Responsibility records list.

  2. Click the Status Filter 1 icon. (If these records exist) Select To Be Deleted 2 (and unselect Active). Click OK 3.

  3. ‘To Be Deleted’ records will be displayed in the list. Click the record 1 of interest to open its Details page.

  4. The ‘To Be Deleted’ Record displays with its Deleted Date and (Undelete) ‘Set to Active’ 1 icon to ‘Undelete’ this record.

  5. The record is returned to the ‘Active’ status and will no longer be deleted.

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