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Committee - Add and Edit a Member
Committee - Add and Edit a Member
Written by Christina Pan
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People can be ongoing members of a Committee without an end date. People can have a end date, and when that end date is past, they are no-longer considered a current member of that Committee, they are considered to be a past member. Past Committee members can be made current again.

To See Members of the Committee:

  1. Access the Committees records list.

  2. The ‘Committees List’ page is displayed. Click on the Committee record to display its details.

  3. The ‘Committee’ page is displayed with that record. Click the Members tab.

Add a new Member

  1. On the Committee Members tab, click the Add Member 1 dropdown. Click the person 2 you wish to add to the Members list

  2. The clicked on person will appear in this field. Click the Add Members 1 icon to add this person to the Committee.

  3. The Add Member to Committee window will appear. Update the Chair 1, Role 2 and Start Date 3 fields. Click the Save 4 icon to complete adding the new Menber to the Committee. The Member list will display with this new member. (Or, click cancel 5 icon to close the ‘Add Member to Committee’ window without saving.)

  4. This person is now be in the Members List.

Edit a Member

Only Administrators and Administrators - Accountability can edit Members.

  1. On the Committee Members tab, click the Member 1 record to edit the Member.

  2. The Committee Member window appears. 1. Update the Chair 2, Member 3 and Start Date 4 fields. Click the Save 5 icon to save these changes. (Or, click the Cancel 6 icon to stop these changes.)

  3. These updates are displayed in the Members List.

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