Existing Positions in TriLine GRC can be given view access to the SMCR module. This can also be done from the Security Centre.

  1. Access the Accountable People records list.

  2. Hover over, or click, the Menu Options (hamburger) icon, click the Select Existing Positions option.

  3. The Select Existing Positions window displays. The Positions listed currently do not have access to SMCR.

  4. Click the Selection switch 1 of People you with to give View access SMCR. The number of selections you have made will be shown in counter 2. Click the Preview changes3 button.

  5. The list is filtered to display your selections. Selections can be removed if required. Click the Select these Positions 1 button, to add these Positions to the Positions that can access SMCR.

  6. Those positions now have access to SMCR. The list of remaining Positions that do not have access to SMCR is re-displayed. More Positions can be select by following steps 4 and 5. To finish, click the Close window 1 icon.

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