1. Access the Accountable People records list.

  2. From the ‘Accountable People’ list page, click the record of a person to open their details.

  3. The Accountable Person page is displayed with that record.

  4. Click the Submissions tab.

Add a new Submission record

  1. Click the ‘New Submission’ 1 icon.

  2. The ‘New Submission’ window opens. Complete the Submission details as required. (See The Submission Page elements for details on each field). Click the Save 9 icon to complete adding the new Submission record. The Submission List will display with this new record. (Or, click the cancel 10 icon to close the window without saving.)

View and Edit Submission details

  1. Click on a Submission record in the list to open the ‘Submission’ page.

  2. The ‘Submissions’ window is displayed. If the Save 9 icon is displayed, you have security access to update the values on this Submission record. Update the values 2through 18 as required, then click the Save 9 icon. (Or, click the cancel 10 icon to close the window without saving.)
    Note: The Documents Section 11 will only display if Documents have been attached to this Submission.

Delete a Submission record

Note: Only Administrators and Administrators - Accountability positions can delete a Submission record.
The Submission record and history is delete instantly and permanently.

Deleting a Submission is NOT recommended if you wish to retain the historic content of this record.

  1. Click the Delete 1 icon.

  2. A ‘Confirm Delete’ dialog is displayed. Click OK to delete the Submission record, or click Cancel to cancel.

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