1. Access the Accountable People records list.

  2. The Accountable People list page is displayed. Click on the Accountable Person record to display their details.

  3. The ‘Accountable Person’ page is displayed with that record.

  4. Click the Documents tab.

Link a Document

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow in the Document list 1 field.

  2. Click on the Document 2 to be linked. It’s number will appear in the Document list 1field.

  3. Click the Link 3 icon to link the Document.

  4. The linked document will appear in the Documents list.

View a Linked Document

  1. Click the View Document 1 icon.

  2. The Document viewing window will be displayed.

Delete Document Link

  1. Click the Delete Link 1 icon.

  2. The ‘Confirm’ window appears. Click OK to delete the link, or click Cancel.

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