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Accountability Sign-off Tasks - Create AdHoc Sign-off Tasks
Accountability Sign-off Tasks - Create AdHoc Sign-off Tasks
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

This function allows the creation of an AdHoc Accountability Sign-off Tasks for multiple people.
Note: This function will create the AdHoc task(s) schedule, which can be view in Show Tasks, but the New Tasks monitor is required to create the Current Tasks generated from these schedules. The New Tasks monitor generation of the Tasks is determined by the First Reminder Date.

  1. [Access ‘Generate AdHoc Accountabilility Sign-off Tasks’][] window.

  2. Update fields and selections 1 though 8 as required (See Elements of an AdHoc Sign-off Task for more information on each field). Persons 8 can be select and de-selected individually, or all at once 7. Click the Create Task 9 icon to create the tasks. (Or, click the Close 10 icon to cancel.)

  3. The tasks are created and are scheduled for generation. On the First Reminder Date the Tasks will be generated into Current Tasks by the New Tasks Monitor.

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