Add a Link

Note: Edit access to the Register record is required to add Links to this record.

  1. Access the required Register records list.

  2. That Register List page is displayed. Click on the Register record to display its details.

  3. The ‘Register’ page is displayed with that record. Hover over, or click, the menu option (hamburger) icon, then click the Links 1 option.

  4. The Links window is displayed. Click the SMCR Certificates tab. Click on the Links 1 field to display this list of Certificates. Click on the required Certificate 2 to be linked. This Certificate will appear in the Links 1 field. Click the Link 3 icon to link that Certificate to this Register record.

  5. The Linked 1 record will appear in the SMCR Certificates linked list. (De-linking 2from this record can, also, only be done on this tab.)

View Register Links from the Certificate

Register records linked to a Certificate can be viewed on the Links tab of the Certificate Details page.

  1. Open the Certificate detail window. Click the Links tab. All links will display in the list.

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