Complete Certificate Renewal Task

  1. The Complete Certificate Renewal Task window displays. Review the Person and Certificate information 1. Review the Actioned On and By 2, and change if required. Choose and Outcome 3 of ‘Renewed’ or ‘Not Renewed’. If ‘Renewed’ is selected, enter a ‘From’ and ‘To’ 4 date of the renewed Certificate period. Click the ‘Add Comment’ 6 icon to add a Comment, which will display in the comment list 7 when saved. (Or, click the Cancel 8 icon to cancel.)

  2. The Certificate Renewal Task is completed, and is no-longer displayed in the Current Tasks list. The New Certificate record is created and displayed in the SMCR Certificates list. Click on the Certificate to open the record.

  3. The new Certificate record is displayed containing the next Certified dates 1, and the ‘Create Renewal Task’ 2 switch selected to generate for the next Certified period.

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