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Ansarada GRC: How to add a Compliance Process?
Ansarada GRC: How to add a Compliance Process?

Ansarada GRC: How to add a Compliance Process?

Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Add a Compliance Process

Note: To create a Compliance Process, a Position must be a member of one of the following System Security Groups:

  • Create Compliance,

  • Compliance Administrator,

  • Administrator.

A new Compliance Process can be added from:

  • The Compliance Processes list page,

  • The Compliance Process page,

  • or the Obligation page (see ‘Compliance from Obligations’ help for information on how to do this).

To add a New Compliance Process:

  1. Access the Compliance Process list page.

  2. Either click the New Process 1 icon from this page, or click a Compliance Process record, and then from the Compliance Process page, click the New Process 2.

  3. The ‘New Compliance Process’ window displays. Complete the required details (see the ‘New Compliance Process’ window elements for details about each field).

    Note: If you paste content into Title, Description or Risk, please review Paste From Word

  4. Click the Save 14 icon to complete adding the new Compliance Process record. The Compliance Process page will display with this new record and you can continue editing this record. Clicking the cancel 15 icon will close the ‘New Compliance Process’ window without saving the record.

‘New Compliance Process’ window elements





‘Select Template’ selector

Click this field and select a Compliance Process Template from the drop-down list. The default fields will be populated with values from this Template.


‘Clear Template selection’ icon

Click this icon to reset the values for all fields in this window.


‘Process Number’ field

Type a number that uniquely identifies this Compliance Process record.


‘Record Status’ selector

Select whether the status is Active or Inactive (see Record Status).


‘Title’ field

Type the title of this Compliance Process record. It is highly recommend this field is configured on. This field is mandatory to be displayed when the Obligations module is installed.


(Business Unit) selector

Select the Business Unit of this Compliance Process record.


‘Category’ selector

Select the Category of this Compliance Process record (see Compliance Categories).


‘Responsible Officer’ field

Select the Position that is responsible for the Compliance Process record. This position should have membership to a Security Group, or System Group with Edit access to this record.


‘Tags’ field

Select the tag(s) connected to this Compliance Process record.


‘Description’ field

Type the description of this Compliance Process record.


‘Risk’ section

Describe the risk should the Compliance requirement not be met. The Risk section can be configured to display.


‘Security’ Groups Selector

Assign Record Security Rights to Security Groups (see About Record Security Rights).


‘Show Page Help’ icon

If shown, click this icon for information on creating a Compliance Process record.


‘Save’ icon

Click this icon to save this new Compliance Process record. The ‘New Compliance Process’ window will close and the Compliance Process record will display with a successfully created message.


‘Cancel’ icon

Click this icon to cancel creating this new Compliance Process record and close the ‘New Compliance Process’ window.

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