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TriLine: Add a Process Control
TriLine: Add a Process Control
TriLine: Add a Process Control a process control?
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

This article will instruct on how to add process control to a Compliance Process record.

Process Control is the given name of the Compliance Process task. Adding Process Control tasks help to maintain Compliance items. Process Controls can be scheduled cyclic, or on an Adhoc manual schedule.

  1. Click on a Compliance Process record in the list to open the The ‘Compliance Process’ page. Click the Process Controls tab. Click the New Process icon 1.

  2. The New Task window displays. Enter the required fields on the Detailstab. (See The Details tab elements for more information on each field.) Then click the Schedule tab. Enter the required fields on the Schedule tab. Click the Save icon 1 to save this new Task. (Or, click the Cancel icon 2 to stop adding the new Task.)

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  3. The new Task is displayed in the ‘Process Control’ list 1.

    Note: If the task was created ‘Inactive’, use the status filter 2 to display the record.

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