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Ansarada GRC: View Task Completion History
Ansarada GRC: View Task Completion History

View Task Completion History

Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

The ‘Show the Task Completion History’ icon only appears for those Process Controls that have completed task(s).

Note: Only Positions allocated to a Security Group with ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ Record Security Rights can view a Process Control’s Task Completion History.

How To

  1. Access the Compliance Processes list page.

  2. Click on a Compliance Process record in the list to open the The ‘Compliance Process’ page. Click the Process Controls tab. Click the Show the Task Completion History icon 1 of the record to be viewed.

  3. The ‘Task Completion History’ window displays. The most recent completed task history record is displayed. If the ‘Due Date/Actioned By’ 1 field appears, it indicates that more one task completion history record exists for this Process Control. Click the ‘Due Date/Actioned By’ dropdown 1 to select the other Completed Task History records. Also click the Comments tab and the Attachments tab 2 to see that information for this History Record. If you have the correct security access, further comments can be added and removed, and attachments can be added or removed. Click the Close icon 3when viewing is completed to close this window.

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