Note: Only Positions that completed this task, or have been allocated to a Security Group with ‘Edit’ Record Security Rights can update a Process Control’s Completed Task History record.

  1. Open the Task Completion History window. Click the ‘Update History’ 1 icon.

  2. The ‘Update Task Completion History’ window displays. Enter a Reason 1 for the update in the Reason field. Change the ‘Actioned On’ 2 date if required. If the Outcome 3 for this task can be set to ‘Yes/No’ or ‘Pass/Fail’, this will display and you will be able to change the choice. Click the Save 4 icon to Update. Click the Cancel 5 icon to cancel the Update and close this window. Saved Updates will appear on the Comments tab.
    (Note:Depending on your system configuration, ‘Completed’ options may appear. Serious consideration needs to be given to ever changing this answer to ‘No’, as ‘No’ means this task will not ever be completed; it will be ‘Not Completed’.)

  3. If required, Click the Comments tab. Click Add Comments 1 icon to add new comments.

  4. The Add New Comment window displays. Enter a new Comment 1. Click the Save 2 icon to save this comment. (Click the Cancel 3 to cancel the save and close this window.)

  5. To edit a Comment, click the Edit icon 1.

  6. The Edit Comment window displays. Update the comment 1. Click the Click the Save 2 icon to save this comment.

  7. To delete a Comment, Click the Delete 1 icon. Click OK to confirm the delete.

  8. If required, click the Attachments tab. Drop the attachment files, or use Browse. The file(s) will remain displayed in the field before disappearing and reappearing in the Attachments list.

  9. Click the View 1 icon to view the attachment. Click the Delete 2 to delete the attachment.

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