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Set an Event Task as a Blind Task
Set an Event Task as a Blind Task
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Note: The following is also applicable to Registers.

  1. Open an Event from the ‘My Tasks’ page or the Events List.

  2. The selected Event is displayed.

  3. On the Event page, click the ‘Tasks’ tab.

  4. The Tasks tab content is displayed.

  5. On the Tasks tab, either:

    • Click an Event Task in the list to edit it, or

    • Click the ‘New Task’ icon to create a new Event Task.

  6. The ‘New Task’ or ‘Edit Task’ popup window is displayed (‘New Task’ popup window shown below).

    Blind Task option for Event
  7. In the ‘Description’ tab of the ‘New Task’ or ‘Edit Task’ popup window, click the ‘Blind Task’ option (see 1 above).

  8. Edit the other fields of the Event Task as required.

  9. Click the ‘Save’ icon to create or update the Event Task.

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