Note: Create Risk record functionality is restricted to members of ‘Create Risk’, or an Administrator, System Security Group

A Risk record can be created either from the Risks List page or the Risk page.

  1. Access the Risk Records list.

  2. From the ‘Risks’ page, click the New icon.

    The 'New' icon
  3. Or, from the ‘Risks’ page, click on a Risk record in the list to open the ‘Risk’ page. Click the New icon.

    The 'New' icon
  4. The ‘New Risk’ popup window opens. Complete the Risk details in the popup window (see New Risk window elements for details on each field).

    The 'New Risk' popup window
  5. Click the Save 18 icon to complete adding the new Risk record. The Risk page will display with this new record. Clicking the cancel 19 icon will close the ‘New Risk’ window without saving the record.

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