You can only transfer a Risk Review that appears in the ‘Current Tasks’ List on your ‘My Tasks’ Page. TriLine GRC will continue to generate future iterations of the Risk Review Task into your ‘Current Tasks’ List.

Transfer a Risk Review to another Position via your ‘My Tasks’ page:

  1. From the Main Menu, Select ‘My Tasks’ .

  2. The ‘My Tasks’ Page is displayed.

  3. On the ‘My Tasks’ Page, click the ‘Current Tasks’ tab.

  4. The Current Tasks List is displayed.

  5. In the Current Tasks List, locate the Risk Review Task that you want to transfer.

  6. Click the ‘Transfer Task to Position’ icon located to the right of the selected Risk Review.

  7. The ‘Transfer Risk Review’ popup window is displayed.

The ‘Transfer Risk Review’ popup window

The 'Transfer Risk Review' popup window
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