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TriLine: Copy (Duplicate) a Risk Treatment
TriLine: Copy (Duplicate) a Risk Treatment
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Use the Treatment Copy functionality to duplicate an existing Treatment.

  1. Access the Risk list page.

  2. Click on a Risk record in the list to open the The ‘Risk’ page. Click the Treatments tab. Click the Copy this Treatment icon 1 of the record to be copied.

  3. The Copy Task window displays. Optionally, update the fields on the Details 1 and Schedule tabs (see The Details tab elements) for more information on each field). Click the Save icon 2 to save the copy. (Or, click the Cancel icon 3 to abandon the copy.)

    Note: If you paste content, please review Paste From Word

  4. A confirming message will display and the copied record 1 will display in the Treatments list.

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