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Ansarada GRC: Adding (Scheduling) the KRI Task
Ansarada GRC: Adding (Scheduling) the KRI Task
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Adding (Scheduling) the KRI Task

The KRI’s purpose is to record each measure as required. So, unlike a Compliance Processes which can have multiple Process Control tasks, the KRI only has one task, record the measurement. Hence, the Task tab only allows the scheduling of a single task, the task to record this measurement.

Historical measures can be loaded via spreadsheet (regardless of the Load values 1 setting). Or, Historical measures can be loaded manually by setting the scheduling 3 to first date you have a measure for. The Monitor will generate all preceding task for measurements to recorded into. Please contact your administrator (first), or Ansarada GRC support if you require further information.

  1. Create or Edit the KRI you wish to schedule. Click the Task tab.

    See KRI Task tab elements for more information on each field.

  2. Decide if the measurement is to be recorded via a Current task, or to be loaded from a spreadsheet 1. Choosing the spreadsheet option means only the first reminder email is generated and the values must be loaded via spreadsheet. Since there is no task, there is no Overdue concept, nor second reminder with this option. Not choosing this option means that as per normal, the task is generated on the reminder date, can have a second reminder, and can become overdue, and the measurement must be entered in this generated current task.

  3. Enter the description or instructions 2 required to complete the measurement. These details are emailed to the ‘Actioned By’ Position on the first reminder date.

  4. Enter the scheduling details 3. The frequency is measured in months; e.g. use 12 for yearly.

  5. Select the ‘Owner’ as the ‘Escalate To’ 4 to ensure the ‘Owner’ is notified if the measure is not recorded by the Due date.

  6. To appear in ‘Actioned By’ a Position must belong to a Security Group that has View or Edit access to this KRI record. Only one Position can record a measurement. Select the Position to record this measurement 5.

  7. Click the Save 6 icon to save your changes. The Monitor will generate notifications at the scheduled times.

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