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Ansarada GRC: Change a KRIs Current Value and Forecast
Ansarada GRC: Change a KRIs Current Value and Forecast
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Use the ‘Current Value’ and ‘Forecast’ value when in the initial stages of setting up the KRI Measurement and you want to set an initial value, or change the initial value. That is, use this feature before history records exist for this KRI.

If History records do exist for this KRI, ONLY use this feature to to mirror a change, or correction to that you are making to most recent history record, so that visually the Measurement tab value matches the most recent History record value. Otherwise, do not use this feature once history records exist.

  1. Open the KRI you wish to change. Click the Measurement tab.

    *Note: This History icon 2 indicates that History records exist.

  2. Click the ‘Change Value/Forecast’ pencil icon 1 to display the Change Value/Forecast window.

  3. Enter a New Value 1.

  4. If the KRI uses forecast, enter a Forecast 2.

  5. Enter the Reason 3 for this value change.

  6. Click the Save icon 4 to apply the new value, or click Cancel 5. The window will close.

Note: This feature does not create, nor update history records for this KRI.

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