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Ansarada GRC: Viewing KRI History
Ansarada GRC: Viewing KRI History

Ansarada GRC: Viewing KRI History

Written by Neha Aswal
Updated over a week ago

If KRI Measurements have been loaded via spreadsheet, or if KRI Tasks have been completed for the selected KRI, history records will exist for the this KRI and the Show Task History icon will display in the Measurement tab.

  1. Open the KRI you wish to view History. Click the Measurement tab.

    *Note: This History icon 1 indicates that History records exist.

  2. Click the ‘Show Task History’ icon 1 to display the KRI History window.

This window is divided into two functional sections. The first section 1 contains the Details, Comments and Attachments of most recent history record, as shown by the ‘Due Date’ field. The Due Date field is used to change to another History record. The second section 2 contains a summary of all the measurement history for this KRI. The grid is ordered in displaying most recently measurement first, hence the first record matches the record displayed in section one. Clicking or double clicking a record in this grid has no action, and no effect changing the record in section one. Section one records can only be changed by selecting a different Due Date from the Due Date field.

Viewing a different History record

  1. In this example, we will be viewing the measurement from January 2018. Review the Summary grid to find the Due Date 2 for the January 2018 1 measurement.

  2. Click the Due Date 1 field to find the matching Due Date (5/02/2018), and then click this date 2.

  3. Section one loads with the selected measurement.

View an Attachment

  1. Click the Attachments tab. Click the Open the Attachment 2 icon.

  2. Follow the Browser instructions on opening the downloaded Attachment.

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