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TriLine: Update KRI History
TriLine: Update KRI History
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

To update a KRI History record, a Position must be a member of a Security Group with Edit access to that record. The updating of the History record is done separately on each of the tabs.

  1. Select the KRI History record to be updated.

  2. As required:

  • Update the Measurement Details

  • Add a Comment

  • Edit a Comment

  • Delete a Comment

  • Add an Attachment

  • Delete an Attachment

Update the Measurement Details

  1. On the Details tab, click the Update History 1 icon.

  2. Enter a Reason for the update, the update fields as required.

  3. An update to the Measurement Value 4 will prompt you to review Trend and Rating message. Change these as required.

  4. Click Save 6. The window will close and a confirmation message will appear. (Or, click Cancel 7 to cancel the update.)

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