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Ansarada GRC: Loading values using an Excel Spreadsheet into a KRI
Ansarada GRC: Loading values using an Excel Spreadsheet into a KRI
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

To load values from a spreadsheet into a KRI, that KRI must have Load values using a spreadsheet option selected shown as below:

Note: Spreadsheet column headings must match exactly as shown in the following images.

Format all Spreadsheet cells (including Value and Forecast) to be General.

General format cells have no specific number format.

You can use the KRI spreadsheet load for historical measurements for a single KRI:

Load KRI Historical Measurements

You can use KRI spreadsheet load for cyclic measurements of many different KRIs:

Load KRI Cyclic Measurements

To access Loading values using a spreadsheet:

  1. From the Main Menu, select KRI. Then select Load History from the Sub-menu:

    Note: This menu option will not appear if you do not have the correct functional, or Record rights security. This menu option will also prevent you from loading records you do not have the correct security rights too.

  2. The Load KRI History Page is displayed.

  3. Select 'Create a spreadsheet template' option as shown above. This will generate a template for you to populate the data. Click on Save as to download the workbook.

  4. Drag and drop, or Browse to your History spreadsheet which you have prepared with the data to be loaded. The ‘Click here to upload the data’ button will appear. Click ‘Click here to upload the data’.

  5. The data is loaded and displayed on the screen. At this point, you may modify the Rating and the Trend if required.

    Load button

  6. Modify records as required.

    Load button

  7. Click ‘Save changes’. A confirmation message is displayed.

  8. Click Finish. The KRI History Loaded window will close.

  9. If there is a problem with any records in the spreadsheet, those records will not appear in Step 4 above. An information message will appear after Finish is clicked for problem records.

    Load button

  10. From the KRI Measurement tab, click the History icon to see all loaded records and in this example with the modified trend colours.

    The below screen will appear once you click on History icon:

​11. ‘Load values using a spreadsheet’ option in the Task Tab:

Check this option to use the spreadsheet measurement loader. Uncheck this indicator to use a Current Task to record each scheduled measurement.

Select this option to load values using a spreadsheet only. Reminder emails are generated as normal, but no task is generated to be completed. And, hence no second reminder. The Actioned By receives this one reminder email only, that the values must be loaded via the spreadsheet.

Please avoid any formatting in the template, such as colouring, merging cells, or wrapping text. Altering the format or rearranging columns may prevent you from successfully uploading the history.

If you have any further questions or issues on this then please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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