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TriLine: Create a KRI Template
TriLine: Create a KRI Template
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago
  1. From the Main Menu, select KRI | Work with KRI records.

  2. The KRIs List is displayed.

  3. Click the KRI in the List on which you want to base the new KRI Template.

  4. The KRI Page for that KRI is displayed.

  5. On the KRI Page, click the ‘Create Template’ icon 8.

  6. A confirmation dialog is displayed:

    The Create Template confirmation dialog
  7. In the confirmation dialog, either:

    • click the Tick icon 1 to create the Template, or

    • click the ‘Close’ icon 2 to close the dialog without creating the Template.

  8. Check that the Template has been created:

    • From the Main Menu, select KRI | Manage Templates.

    • The KRI Templates Page is displayed.

    • The new Template has the same Title as the KRI Record from which it was created.

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