Re-activate a Terminated Contract

  1. Access the Contracts list page. The ‘Contracts’ list page is displayed.

  2. In the Contracts list, click the filter 1 icon of the ‘Status’ column. Select ‘Terminated’ 2 and un-select other statuses. Click OK 3 to display all Terminated Contracts.

  3. Click on a Contract record in the list. The ‘Contract’ page is displayed. Edit the ‘Current End Date’ 1 and change it to a date in the future from (your) today.

  4. The ‘Reason’ field will appear. Click in the Reason field and type the reason for the re-activating of the Contract.

  5. Hover over, or click the Menu Options icon, then click the Save 1 option.

  6. The Record Status will change to from Terminated to Current.

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