The tasks assigned to each Position within TriLine are presented on the My Summary page with a due date etc. as previously outlined.

However, there may be situations where the task is unable to be completed within the allocated timeframe. Examples could be where the person is on leave for an extended period or has been seconded to another role temporarily.

There are several options available on the My Summary tab that can assist deal with situations such as this.

These options are listed below;

Please note: This function cannot be used for a Task that is already in your My Summary page.

When selected, the User can nominate a time period that they will be absent for and reallocate the tasks that will fall due in that period to another position. That position must be within the same security group.

Once the position is selected, the user is presented with a list of tasks. To make control easier, the tasks are split into their various modules. This includes Obligation Ownership. It is necessary to work through each tab to ensure all items are captured.

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