TriLine GRC is a position driven system. The advantage of this is that as people move in and out of positions, there is minimal changes required. The user id, name and email can be changed, but the position responsibilities continue as before. A Position identifies a role within the organisation that has responsibilities for completing tasks, managing Compliances and (Events), or owning Risks, KRIs, and Contracts.

Amending a Position’s details

You may need to amend the details of a Position to:

  • Change the name of the person appointed to the Position

  • Change the name of the Position title following an organisational


    To amend Position details

    From the Maintenance menu, select Security Centre:

  1. select the Positions tab

  2. open the record through the edit icon

  3. amend the required fields

  4. save the changes.

  • All tasks and responsibilities for the Position are automatically reassigned to the new person.

  • When a Position’s details are changed, they are only changed from that point forward. Any tasks completed in the past will hold the details of the Position at the time the task was completed.

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