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Ansarada GRC: What are my Current Tasks?
Ansarada GRC: What are my Current Tasks?

Ansarada GRC: What are my Current Tasks?y Current Tasks?

Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

A Current Task is generated from a task on a scheduled date, and is required to be completed by the Actioned By’s 1 Position. A Position’s 1 Current Tasks are listed on the Current Task tab of the My Summary page.

From the Main Menu select My Summary, then select the Current Tasks tab.

Current Tasks list

Current Tasks list

Note: The Current Tasks list will be empty if the selected Position has NO current tasks to complete.

As with each records in Ansarada GRC, these records is security restricted. The logged in Position cannot see records they do not have access to when they select another position 1.

When each of your Current Tasks is generated by the Monitor. You will receive a notification email advising you when that this Current Task is due to be completed. The date this email is sent is the due date minus the first reminder days defined in the Task Record.

When you complete a Current Task it will be recorded as a history record and will no longer appear on the Current Tasks tab.

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