Update Renewal Reminder

A reminder notification or a task will be sent to the ‘Contract Owner’ when a contract is nearing its ‘Current End Date’ 20. Select ‘Send Renewal Task’ 18 for a task to be generated to the Contract Owner. If another Position is required to do the renewal processing, leave this field unchecked and create a regular Contract Task to that other position.

The renewal notification/ task precedes the ‘Notice Period’17. The Date the Notice Period commences is the Due Date of the Renewal task. The reminder notification/task is sent on the first reminder 21 days before the Due Date (‘Reminder Date’ shows this Date (after Save)).

Renewal Reminder

Renewal Reminder

As shown by the Information icon, the Reminder Date is calculated as follows:
Due Date = Initial End Date - Notice Period
Reminder Date = Due Date - First Reminder Days

Note: If a date is a holiday or weekend, the previous working day is used.

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