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TriLine: How to complete an Attestation?
TriLine: How to complete an Attestation?
TriLine: How to complete an Attestation?
Written by Neha Aswal
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Contact path to Completing Attestation

The following is from the Contact point of view in Completing an Attestation Form.

  1. On the the first reminder date of the Attestation schedule, the Contact will receive an email notification containing a link 1 to the Attestation Form to be completed by them.

  2. When the link is clicked, a web page will display requesting a Security Code (2nd factor Authentication). The Security Code is send via the Contacts mobile number (see [New Contact window elements item 7] is recorded, or via their email address. The Contact enters the Security Code 1 and then clicks the Validate 2 button.

  3. With the correct Security code enter, the Attestation Form is displayed. This example Attestation has instructions 6 in the Form to assist and guide the Contact to complete this Form. This page also contains the ‘Request Information’ 4button to ask questions to, and receive answers from, the Contract Owner.

  4. When the the ‘Request Information’ button is clicked, the following window is displayed. The Contact then clicks the ‘Request Information’ 1 icon.

  5. The Add Your Question window is displayed. The Contact clicks enters 1 their question and then clicks the Save 2icon. This question is immediately sent to Contract Owner as an email notification. The Add Your Question window closes.

  6. The Question will now displays as a sent request. The Contact clicks the close 1 icon.

  7. When the Contract Owner responds, the Contact will receive a notification containing the response 2 . The Contact clicks the link 1 open the Attestation Form, or if required, firstly goes through the Security Code page procedure.

  8. The Attestation Form displays. The Request Information button has changed to the Request Information/Review Response 1 button.

  9. When the Contact clicks the Request Information/Review Response button, they can re-review the new communication 1 from the Contract Owner at the top of the list. The Contact clicks the close 1 icon and continues completing the form.

  10. When the Contact clicks the Attachment link, or clicks the right chevron icon, the Attachment page is displayed. If an Attachment is mandatory, the mandatory message 1 is display. The Contact can return to the Attestation my clicking the Form 2 link, or clicking left chevron 2icon.

  11. When the Contact clicks the ‘Complete Later’ 1 button, all progress on the Attestation Form is saved and a message 2 is display. The contact can choose to click the Continue Working on Attestation 3 button to reopen the Form and continue filling in the Form, or they can close the browser tab and come back later via their email link to continue completing the Form.

  12. When the Contact clicks the Complete Now button, the following message 1 is displayed. The Form is submitted and the Contact can no longer access the Attestation Form.

  13. When the Contract Owner accepts the Attestation as completed, the Contact will receive the following completion email notification 1 containing a copy of Attestation Form 2.

  14. If the Contact Owner does not accept the Attestation Form as complete, the Contact will receive an email notification and will be able to again amend the Attestation form, and the Attestation completion process starts again.

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