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Ansarada GRC: How to retrieve a deleted record?
Ansarada GRC: How to retrieve a deleted record?

Ansarada GRC: How to retrieve a deleted record?

Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

A deleted record will continue to exist and remain on the system for a certain period of time as set by the Deletion Days setting in the system's Maintenance configuration. If within this 'grace period', a record has the status To be Deleted and can be recovered. If this period has passed, however, the record has been permanently erased from the system and cannot be retrieved.

If a deleted record with status To be Deleted has not surpassed its Deletion Days, it can be retrieved by editing the status of the record.

  • First, access the module's list view.

  • To find and view the deleted record, change the filter on the module's list view by clicking on the funnel on the Status column and selecting the status To be Deleted.

  • Select the relevant deleted record that you want to retrieve.

  • In the record's details page, change the record status from To be Deleted to Active.

  • Make sure to apply these changes by clicking on the 3-bar hamburger menu icon and selecting Save.

  • The record has been successfully retrieved and is now Active.

  • If you would like to retain the record but have no current use for it, when changing the record status, select Inactive. This will still successfully retrieve the record but it will be Inactive.

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