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Assigning Tasks to Task Teams
Assigning Tasks to Task Teams
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

Task team responsibilities are assigned in the same way as individual Positions are to tasks. Select only the Task Team in the Action By list box, not each Position.

Assigning tasks is covered in other modules for Risks, Compliance, Contracts, KRIs, Events and Registers.

Like Positions, Task Teams can be assigned tasks within modules to action. By assigning a task to Task Teams, the task is assigned to each position within the Task Team to complete.

When assigning a task to a Task Team, select only the relevant Task Team in the Action By list, rather than each Position.

This allows you to efficiently assign a common task to a group of Positions in one click.

For a Task Team to be available in the Action By list, the Task Team must be assigned to a Security Group that has at least View access to the given module's records.

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