Edit a Scheduled Report Details (including Transfer Ownership)

See Update/Create a Scheduled Report if you wish to change filters or frequency of the Schedule.

  1. Access Scheduled Reports to view the Scheduled Report list.

  2. Click on the Schedule record 1 in the Scheduled Report list to be edited.

  3. The ‘Edit Scheduled Report’ window displays. Update the Schedule details as required. The ownership of this Schedule can be Transferred by selecting a Position from ‘Transfer To’ field (Note: The Records displayed when a Scheduled Report run, is determined on the Owners Record security access, regardless of the position that may run the Scheduled Report (,so this is not like running a report under the login position, it is like running it under the Scheduled Report Owner’s position).
    Click the Save 1 icon to save all the changes.

  4. A confirmation message will be displayed.

Update/Create a Scheduled Report

  1. Access Scheduled Reports to view the Scheduled Report list.

  2. Click on a Change Report Settings icon 1 in the Report in the Scheduled Report list.

  3. The original report will display with it’s Settings window open. Update the Filters and Options as required and then click the Run the Report 1 icon. Repeat tweaking the setting until the required information is shown. Click the Create a Schedule for this Report 2 icon.

  4. The Update/ Create a Report Schedule will appear. Update the Cycle, Frequency and To Positions of this Report for this Schedule as required. If you wish overwrite the current Schedule with the new setting, click the Update the Report 1icon. Otherwise, click the New Report Schedule 2 icon to create a completely new Schedule.

  5. A confirmation message will display. Access Scheduled Reports to view the updated Scheduled Report list.

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