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Ansarada GRC: View Attestation Completion History
Ansarada GRC: View Attestation Completion History

Ansarada GRC: View Attestation Completion History

Written by Neha Aswal
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View Attestation Completion History

The ‘Attestation History’ icon only appears for Attestation’s that Accepted or ‘Will not be Complete’. If no Attestations have these Statuses, the History icon will not appear.

Note: Only Positions with membership to a Security Group with ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ Record Security Rights to this Contract record, can view Attestation Completion History of this Contract record.

  1. Access the Contracts list page. The ‘Contracts’ list page is displayed.

  2. Click on the Contract record to display its details. The ‘Contract’ page is displayed with that record.

  3. Click the ‘Attestations’ tab. The Attestations list is displayed. Click the Attestation History 1 icon of the record to be viewed.

  4. The ‘Attestation Completion History’ window displays. The most recent Attestation history record is displayed. If there is more than one completed Attestation, the ‘Due Date/Actioned By Contact’ 1 will appear.

  5. To view another Completed Attestations, click the ‘Due Date/Actioned By Contact’ 1 field. The currently selected Attestation will be highlighted in the list. Click the Attestation 2 of interest.

  6. The selected Attestation displays. Use the Scroll bar 1 to review the Completed Attestation. (Note: The Attestation may not be altered.) Or, choose the Print Preview 2 option to view in a PDF format.

  7. Click the Requested Info tab to see any interactions with the Contact during the completion of this Attestation.

  8. Click the Attachments tab to see any attachments from this Contact for this Attestation.

  9. Click the Close icon to close this window.

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